Meet the Choir

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Shirley Parrott - Alto

I joined the choir just over three years ago having finally given up working full time, and in so doing fulfilled a long held ambition.  I was made very welcome from the minute I stepped through the door and can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute.  For me, every rehearsal is like a mini masterclass with Fru generously passing on the techniques needed to help improve and raise our standard of performance. The choice of music selected is varied, sometimes challenging but never beyond reach. Singing is a good ‘stress buster’, it stimulates the brain and exercises the muscles needed to promote good breath control as well as providing an excellent way of making new friends. What’s not to like?

Jude Waugh - Soprano

Hi my name is Jude, I am a 70 year old lesbian. Before I joined the choir I was a mental health patient suffering from PTSD. As part of my treatment I was encouraged to join a group and meet people! I had been told since schooldays that I could not sing, so why not join a choir I thought! (Mental health issues!!) About 8 years later I still have PTSD but am no longer a mental health patient which is due in no small part to EFS. Under Fru’s tutelage I realise I can sing, and do so with enthusiasm and great joy. I have made good friends with whom I also socialise outside of the choir. I am also the concert manager which means I get to boss people around!! Come and give us a try, you don’t have to have mental health issues!! Feel how uplifting and stress busting singing with us can be.

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Charlotte Prosser - Alto


Music used to be a big part of my life when I was young but it fell by the wayside as the rest of life

took over. I had a few very stressful years at work where my whole life seemed to revolve around work and it felt like everything else was forced into second place.  Some significant life events made me realise that I needed to make space in my life for some “me time” and singing seemed the perfect thing. I joined Epping Forest Singers and loved it and made a promise to myself that I would not let work stand in the way of rehearsals, even if that meant walking out of a meeting at 6.30pm, making my apologies as I left.

I’ve made some new friends and love the challenge of learning new music and seeing it develop over

the weeks into something we’re all really proud of.  There’s such a warm atmosphere in rehearsals

and everyone is really supportive of each other, especially when we’re learning something a bit

more challenging. I also love the variety of music – classical, traditional folksongs, spirituals, pop –

we cover it all! 

Singing has brought me more balance in my life, has given me the chance to sing my heart out on a weekly basis and I strongly believe that it has made me a happier and more relaxed person.

Len Bichard - Bass

I lost my wife and needed to do something. I knew I could sing a bit, so I joined a choir - Epping Forest Singers. That was in 2013. Well, I'm still there! I've a better voice, a new bunch of friends and I am enjoying it more than ever! Varied ability is managed seamlessly by our talented, patient and very inspirational musical director. 

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Steve Green - Tenor

I joined EFS in January 2017 after a conversation I had at my church choir Christmas party. One of my fellow tenors (who also sings with EFS) told me about this amazing choir, which was full of great friendly people, sang a wide range of music and was led by an excellent musician and singer ‘Fru’, and I have to say that he was completely right!

I have thoroughly enjoyed singing with and getting to know the other members of EFS, particularly my fellow tenors! Even though we are individuals we sing as a team. Personally I have found that my enjoyment of singing and the quality of my voice have both flourished during my time with EFS.  Even though the practices can be hard work at times the end result is fantastic and I would recommend singing with EFS to anyone!

Chris Argyakis - Bass

I recently decided to join Epping Forest Singers as after teaching music and organising concerts for pupils I found myself missing the buzz of singing and performing. After a stressful day at work, singing with the choir can be a real de-stressor and reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy the music.

I really enjoy the mix of modern and traditional songs that the choir perform and would highly recommend joining!